Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Kisses From Heaven

As y'all can probably tell from the paintings I've been pretty pleased with the progress of my mare Miami. She is smart and willing and seems to enjoy our rides as much as I do.
I always see such a connection with what I'm painting and what is going on in my heart.

Miami has got a whoa on her. She can be on a rope right in the middle of a panic attack, like when we were being stalked by a horse eating kitty the other day as we were walking on a lead rope in the pasture. She knew we were under attack and started galloping and bucking on the end of her rope. I said whoa and she stopped instantly.
 The fact that she did it at all is why we still ride in the arena. Our comfort zone is rather small still yet.
Anyway back to the whoa.
When I am riding her I say whoa and she stops immediately. Actually when I say anything she stops immediately. This has caused me to go bouncing forward a few times when I said something that wasn't whoa and she went errrkk and stopped. So we had a lesson on words that were not whoa. As much as I talk to her I would think that she knows this, but she is still a bit unsure with the whole riding thing and just wants to do it right.
I have to smile as I think of how hard she tries to please me.


  1. What beautiful work! I love Kisses from Heaven.

  2. Thank you so much. It's lovely having you on board. I appreciate you you stopping in.

  3. Hi Diana,I loved the way she is leaping with a proud look on her face! I enjoyed looking at other works too :-)