Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Catching Up

Shining Heart

The parents, grandkids, horses and farm have kept me hopping lately. My stepmother has been ill and there have been frequent trips to the doc and the hospital for tests. Nothing has resolved and she she was admitted to the hospital today. Dad is doing well but needs lots of care and cannot be left alone.
I have one or two grandkids eight days a month. They are old enough to be a big help caring for the animals and working in the garden. They are starting riding lessons, well one is anyway. Missy is still lame so Terra must wait longer for hers.
I ended up making about 20 quarts of cherry jam and now have green beans and new potatoes ready to cook tonight. Yum.

The new riding instructor came out to help me with Miami. She said Miami is a very smart horse. Everyone says that. :) And we were a good match for each other. I have had plenty of fear to deal with trying to start her out at home after breaking my back and wrist several years ago on another horse. It's difficult having so much fear blocking what is a major dream for me. My trust in her and confidence has grown slowly. We switched from a training bit to a snaffle which caused all kinds of protests from my darling little paint, but I had my big girl panties on and we worked through it. It took us several  days. I've been spending my mornings working with Miami, afternoons and evening dealing with the parents and farm. And at night instead of working much I am studying how to boost my confidence riding this horse and working on a lesson plan for the next mornings ride. I have spent years, since she was a yearling, training her and sent her to not one but two trainers for her saddle work. She is still very green, but groundworked to death. So for now I will be painting little and spending what time and energy I can muster to get her trail ready and advance our riding skills.
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to be able to pursue my dream and very pleased with the progress with are both making.

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