Monday, June 21, 2010

Blue Blazes and a Fast cat

Blue Blazes
11x14 watercolor available here

I've always liked the expression "hotter the blue blazes" and it's been on my mind lately as it's been ...well hotter than blue blazes here.
This is a painting where I came up with the title first and thought black and white paint horses would be a great subject for it. I am thinking of doing a square larger more abstracted version for the small works on paper exhibit.

I've had the two 10 year old grand daughters here for riding lessons and all kinds of summer fun. They work at the barn an awful lot. Mucking stalls is one of their favorite things. (Yeah)
 I asked them to put up a few sticky fly papers in the feed/cat room. They got out the ladder and tried to do a good job. They hung one up too close to the cat door. An unsuspecting cat came through the cat door and went screaming out, running across the pasture faster than I thought it could run dragging the fly paper that was stuck to it's tail. The girls thought it ended up in Texas, but it came back for feeding time minus a bit of hair.
Another lesson learned for the girls. :)

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