Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Naming Paintings

Wild and Free
I named these two paintings Wild and Free after the Thoreau quote "All good things are wild and free." I was thinking of the mustangs.
When I posted them on my website they were posted as a pair, but I also said I would split them up if someone only wanted one.
I was working on the website and happen to notice a message I got that did not come through on my email. Barb had wanted to purchase Free with subject line Wild and Free. I pop on over to my email and there it is two days old and in my junk file. I find it rather strange cause I get all the other messages. I email her with the subject line the same.
I ponder over this curiosity for a bit and have an epiphany. (It's one of those things I have a lot but can't spell.) It was the word free in the subject line that got it throwed out. So I send her another email without the offending word.
So she bought Free and Wild is going to another home.

Naming paintings is usually pretty easy. They tell me sometimes from the idea (vision) and often from the first sketch what they want to be called. I do have paintings that won't give up their secrets but that is pretty rare. I keep feeding my soul, hanging out with the horses and listening. That is my method.

I wonder what Thoreau would think about this.


  1. Love Wild and Free and love the title! Your story about Lucy the chicken really made me laugh - how special!

  2. Thanks Liz. Lucy is special. I'll have to get a photo of her.