Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Artist Statement

Across the Universe

I've been trying to wrap my head around the business stuff lately which is no easy task for my right brained self. I did get my artist statement finished with a little help from the ideas from Heart of Business.
The spiritual approach to my business was a much better fit and easier to use my spirit than try to drag my left brain out of the cobwebs.
So here it is.

The Spirit Horse series is a contemporary vision of iconic images of the horse. Using myth and imagination I explore the ancient connection to the equine spirit.

Combinations of layers of texture with rich illuminating colors make an interesting surface filled with movement expressing the great freedom and mystery of the horse.

I strive to express the love and spiritual connection between humans and horses.

         What do you think?


  1. I think that you are right on with the spiritual approach. That is what people are connecting with more and more, and it is felt strongly in your paintings. Follow your heart, you will not be led astray. Love your work, my friend.
    Many Blessings,,,,<3

  2. There is a mystery to horses that I have experienced, I think you express this in your paintings.

  3. Je ne sais pas si vous cherchez mais je suis certaine que vous êtes parvenue et avez réussi à atteindre votre objectif... Vous et l'amour du cheval ne font qu'un... grâce à votre art. Bisous

  4. I absolutely LOVE this!!!