Friday, September 10, 2010

Choosing A Website Provider for Artist


After much searching I have found a website provider that is perfect for me.

And the winner is Clikpic!

In my search I found very nice websites that were too expensive....
very cheap ones that well... were not the look I was going for.
 there were the ones that took forever to load.

Then I found Clikpic which was everything I was looking for.

  • Based out of the UK

  • cost 35 lbs or $54 per year

  • designed for artists and photographers

  • two weeks free trial

  • lots of pretty easy to understand instructions

  • slides shows and other great options
                                     I'm very excited to get it finished and online. I'll keep youu posted.

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  1. Ils m'emportent, ils m'étourdissent vos chevaux...