Monday, September 28, 2009

Tepee Living

Spiral Horse 2

Living in the tepee this summer has been great and an adventure.

Balmy nights with the full moon lighting up the interior through the smoke flap were absolute heaven. Waking to the sound of birds singing their morning song while the horses are munching their breakfast nearby is a wonderful way to start the day.

The nights were at times exciting with summer storms tearing through with the high winds and lightning. One night Tonka woke me up barking. He got quiet and I listened to a snort outside the tepee. Being half asleep I am thinking horse, no deer, no. Then another snort, bear, maybe. A second later I can smell it. Yes, a bear. It goes along its way and we go back to sleep. Then there was the night my old chow Smokey brings in a possum. It took me a while to figure out it was dead and not just playing possum. I was not pleased with his gift.

The record rain this summer has made mildew a big problem and contributed to an even bigger one, fleas.

Then came the new name for the summer home, the fleapee. No amounts of spray, granules, or bombs seem to take care of the problem. It seemed to be a perfect breeding ground for them. Switching flea products for the dogs helped them but the fleas remained in the fleapee. It’s been a month long battle and I’m not sure who has won yet. I hoping we can move back in for these wonderfully cool fall nights.
We’ll see.

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