Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quiet Santuary, Not Yet

I move into the tepee while continuing to make adjustments, additions and learning as I go along. I prepare to spend my first night in my new summer home.
The door and the stakes still need adjustments.

After measuring the interior I made an ozan. This is a partial ceiling that sends the rain behind the liner. I really had to wing it here as I had very little info and no instructions, but it works.

This is the bottom of the ozan where it meets the liner. It had just stopped raining and you can see the drips down the back of the liner. Note the pockets I put in the liner.
This is a double bed and a twin cot. You can get some idea of how spacious the 18' tepee really is.

The pups are right at home. Tonka is sure getting big.
As evening fell I started a nice little fire in the fire pit. The tepee glowed up on the hill that night. The roundness and the night sky though the poles had such a cozy and nurturing feel. Sounds of the crackling fire filled the air. It lit up the whole tepee. There was no need for candles. I went to sleep as the fire died down.
Early the next morning I woke to the sound of voices followed by an explosion.
I didn't panic but I was irritated. It was the seismic testing that was going on in the pasture. I thought they had finished, but no. I had strategically placed the tepee to get quiet and morning shade. However the oil company has strategically placed the dynamite on one side and the gas pipeline on the other. It'll settle down soon but oh the irony of it all.


  1. Beautiful work ! I look forward to more about your life in the tepee :)

  2. Thanks Juli and welcome aboard! Right now life in the tepee is wet. We've had lots and lots of rain. I'm ready for some sunshine!!!