Monday, April 20, 2009

Putting Up the Teepee part 1


8"x10" mixed media collage on wood panel

Shipping $8 in US or Canada
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Putting up the tepee was a comedy/drama as expected. The day was windy with dark clouds and sprinkles of rain. We started out with a crew of three people and three dogs. The horses were in the corral watching. The dogs were providing plenty of help and entertainment.

I had carefully measured and marked the position of the tripod with pink flags. We tied the three poles together and attached the rope the would be wrapped around all the poles. The tripod is laid close to the marks. We prepare to lift the tripod and see Tonka running off with a pink flag in his mouth. The north mark is lost. I read off the wrong number to remark it and put a rock there.

The guilty party.

We lift the tripod using the long rope and the poles and rotate it into position. It is surprisingly easy considering the poles are 22' long.

Eleven more poles are laid in with the rope wrapped around each time. The last pole is the riser pole. We spread the tepee on the ground inside up and lay the riser pole on top. It is then bundled and tied with the smoke flap ropes. This pole was allot heavier but by this time we had more help. The tepee was untied and stretched around the poles. Using the wood lacing pins and a ladder the front was laced together.

It looks wrong. We work at adjusting the poles and pulling the canvas down to get out the wrinkles. We can't get them out of the top. We have three more people and one more dog come to help.

At this point I'm worried that there may be more wrong than just the pole placement. I'm thinking it may be the tepee itself. I made it from canvas on my grandmother treadle sewing machine. I had instructions but......

We decide to take it down and try again.

Stay tuned for part 2.

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