Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If Wishes Were Horses

Some of my plumbing is on the North side of the barn. Already it froze a bit.

I went into town and bought 4 bales of straw. $20
Stacked it up on over the plumbing to give it a bit more protection from that North wind.
The horses come and scatter it everywhere. I rake it up and put some in the chicken houses and the rest in the stalls.

Put up a fence around the new propane tank and to protect the straw against marauding horses.
$20 more straw and another trip to town.

They bent the fence down and busted the bales and were eating the straw....
It's not like they are starving....but

Come on don't EAT it when it's in your stall!

So I rescue the pieces of bales that are left and bag up more to store for bedding for every one.

It's my fifth wheelbarrow load of straw and I'm muttering to myself
"I wish...

I could feel my late grandmother at my side whispering in my ear "If wishes were horses..."

And then I see a picture. I sketch it. The painting did not go as easily as some, but after a bit of a struggle it finally came around.

As for the plumbing I ended up building an insulated box to go over the wall. We ran out of temperature here the other night and my plumbing didn't freeze so mission accomplished.
And the horses are continuing to inspire me.....

And for those of y'all that don't know about running out of temperature.
My Dad always says it can't get below zero cause then you run out of temperature.