Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Stuff

The tepee living has been awesome this year. Although it is very hot during the day the nights are cool and breezy up on the mountain. I have two sides pulled up and the door open. Thank God we don't have mosquitoes here. We have had some flies. They start buzzing about 6:30, but I am getting up that early to ride anyway before it gets too hot. I'm sweating allot less and I think Miami appreciates it also.

This is me trotting on Nadine, a lesson horse during a riding lesson. Things were not going well. She was not cooperating and my stirrups were too long.

My grand daughter Terra practicing her bareback riding on her horse Missy. I started her out with a neck rope to hold on to. I did not want her balancing on the reins. She never used it and developed great balance quickly.

As far as work goes I'm still in portrait world and hope to finish up in the next day or two and get back to painting.

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